Lunch at Mercury’s in Stone Town

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Met a nice Danish lady at breakfast and we did what total strangers killing time do, wander the streets drinking sugar cane abd what not. At least that is what one would assume strangers do?!

Rolled in to Mercury’s for lunch, reasonably priced food in an excellent location in Stone Town. Chilling out and enjoying a nice meal with good company in paradise is one of those things that make travel worthwhile. Had a moment while looking out at the ocean with great music entertaining my ears where was like, long term travel is arguably the chillers thing one can do, besides turn lead into gold of course.

More on alchemy later.

Top photo is from a roof top terrace, wanted one from Mercury’s but wont upload. You realize Freddie from Queen is from here, yes? Lots of Germans and Italians around these parts. Stone Town is one of coolest / unique cities ever visited. Add it to your list folks.

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