This will be moronically brief, I’m having the time of my life in Madrid, Spain. The plan as of today was to go to Portugal and I had arranged to go there but I’m having SO MUCH FUN that I’d be a fool to leave. Did I not write yesterday or the day before that if you’re at a SICK PARTY you don’t leave? Yes, I did.

Today I woke up, had a from that lovely Brazilian lady and I was going to Portugal, we went to the “Central Park” of Madrid but it’s only open on weekends so we strolled through some others after asking a crew of Spanish dudes drinking, smoking, straight west coasting or whatever. We had the whole park to ourselves. It’s cool walking around places during the day when you have the place to yourself.

Suffice to say, I decided that considering I HAVE NO TIME LIMIT and I’m having SO MUCH FUN that I’d be a fool to leave. I’m no fool so I checked into a hotel tonight. All the hostels were booked which is alright. I got a hotel room from this massive burly dude around the corner for like ~40% more than this hostel and the hostel was really cheap. It’s a nice room, a nice bed, private shower. I think I need that and I’m looking forward to crashing later, in peace. I like staying in hostels when I know full well that at any time I could check into somewhere nice, options are the key to life.

Life is good and Madrid is the bomb, man, there are 7,000 bars here. Part of the reason I stayed is that Spain was playing today and I thought I should spend a day here during World Cup enjoying fine brews and even better company. The people here are so happy, even with the loss the party was intense. I can ONLY IMAGINE what would have happened, had they won. I found a tapas place that has massive ham and cheese croissants for only 1e, that’s right, 1 euro! I also found a bar that serves half liters of beer for 2 euro, wow. I will share the locations with you later. I took pictures in case my elephant like memory fails me. It won’t but I do like “making sure.

I’m at my old hostel updating now as the hotel doesn’t have wifi, the dude who owns it didn’t look like a techno geek(whatever that means). Tonight there is a pub crawl and I’m going to see what the “Madrid Night Life” has to offer. We’re going to a more “upscale one”, you know, black shoes blah. Glad I’ve been carrying a pair of loafers that I bought in Asia.

Anyways, tomorrow or the day after I am going to go to Portugal on some over night train. I have many great photos, ok they are mediocre but it would be cool to share but I don’t have time. There is a good time waiting to continue and I am not one to fight fate, never.

Typically, the older the bar the more expensive. Went to this one that is 135 years old and beers were like 3x as much but the bathroom was like 2 floors down in this “cave” if you will. You can only imagine the history and the hotel I booked into is super old, I now truly understand what people mean when they talk about “culture”, this place oooozes it.


Tips hat,

P.S: On the subway dudes come on and play music for you and if you want you can throw them some coin. I really like it you’re like “this is boring” and suddenly there is a party and people are dancing on the subway and enjoying life. Even the “old timers” here are still cool. N. America could learn a lot from Europe.

P.P.S: I have a weird feeling I’ll never spend more than 2 months a year in Canada, some dude played this song today and the subway went off, he banked some coin. Not sure if this is the song, I’m near the speakers and can’t hear it, ha.

P.P.P.S: Whatever country I’m in, that’s the team I’m rooting for in World Cup, indeed. Furthermore, I felt kinda “lame” leaving Madrid without at least one night where I ran around dumping massive buckets of red paint on anyone, or anything in my path.

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