Mauritius was Magnificent & Back in the UK


I’m back in the UK after a most amazing trip to Mauritius. I had no idea what to expect which is always part of the fun. What I found was a paradise like island located in the Indian Ocean where I could practice my French, get by on English, play some of the best golf courses I’ve ever seen, meet gregarious characters and hit up supremely satisfying spas; what’s not to like? Now I’m back in the UK and it’s cold, wet and damp; go figure…


I flew business class on on the way home and wow; what a difference. A 12 hour trip melts away as you’re being catered to, eating good food and drinking fine wines. Also, the amount of space will blow your mind. My chair was arguably the most advanced seat I ever sat in and even had a massage button. I see why business people fly this way as you arrive feeling fresh(ish) instead of fatigued. On top of that, the lounge is a nice place to kick back with a glass of wine with the added bonus of wifi about 10x the speed.


I’m out in Somerset visiting family that I haven’t seen since France in 2010; time flies… Reconnecting with family is fantastic but the show must go on. I had plans on staying another night but I can’t as it is too tight to catch my flights out of Heathrow to attend TBEX Dublin. There I’m meeting a whole cast of old and new friends. Europe is my new base so it only makes sense to get connected with the Euro scene, yes?


Later today I’m off to an area not far from London to hang with my friend “The Goat” where we’ll eat mutton curry or whatever else they serve that was once furry. We’ll sip drinks like distinguished diplomats who have all the time in the world without any worries and most certainly in no hurry. Supposedly you can get some of the best curry in the world outside of India in the UK? Topic of curry, had some in Cheddar last night and it was delicious. I tried “very hot” Golap from Bangladesh and it lived up to expectations.


This blog took a bit of a break because I was having so much fun in the Mauritius that I simply couldn’t get myself to sit down and write. Over the coming weeks I’ll be dropping a lot of new posts about some of the things that transpired as well as videos that will depict a better image than the most carefully crafted words could ever conjure. As always there are some major plans in the works but we’ll discuss those bridges when we cross them…


I’d go on but I’m catching up on all things online after taking a break of sorts. I’ll tell you this and that is that the day before I left Mauritius it could have been one of the best days of my life. It included a satisfying seafood feast with new friends, an egregious night on the town, early morning deep sea fishing followed by a glorious game of golf that continued into an intercontinental flight.

In closing, everything from the #MyMauritius blog trip was created and managed by the fine people at iambassador and in association with the and . I’d like to thank them for the invitation to partake in this campaign; what an experience…

Tips hat,

P.S: Hanging out with family is about as good as it gets.

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