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It’s early and I went to bed late, you know how an old dog looks when they have to go to the bathroom where their head is kinda shaking uncontrollably and they have this gruesome grin? That about describes my current sentiment and appearance, thought I’d throw it out there for your amusement. I did what any gentleman who travels and blogs would do  yesterday, I hit up a local golf course to give it a test run then met up with an old friend and got “back to reality” in the form of an egregious reality television marathon…

The day before I was hanging out with prolific commenter “Phil” and a friend of ours Troy aka the long haired guy from . They informed me that to the outskirts of Ottawa there is this slick little 9 hole golf course with a solid practice facility that costs only $15 a round!? You buy this $5 membership card and you’re basically good to go. They also have this “members only” practice facility which is quite fantastic, I dare say.

So anyways, the course is a good little challenge and for $1.67 a hole, you can’t go wrong. Do you realize that a pack of cigarettes in Canada is roughly the same and the course is new? I’ll stop going on about it but it’s a heck of a deal and I’ll be there A LOT and by A LOT I mean it’s going to become part of my daily routine to help keep my sanity this summer in the city.

Later in the day I eat too much steak before I met up with an old friend and we rolled to her new house. It was a rainy day and next thing you know Reality TV is coming up. First we watched Master Chef, I really love it how Gordon Ramsay tells it like it is. Half of those people seriously have no business even calling themselves culinary enabled let alone a “master chef”. Suffice to say I took the photo below and that guy made it through. After that we got into reality television that I dare not mention on this blog as I had gone most my life without regrets but now am here amidst many. Let us never discuss this again, ever.

Something I find really funny about up here is that reality television is incredibly popular. It’s like people watch reality television to vicariously live through these people who are about to get totally humiliated on national television because they have little happening in their immediate reality between 8-10pm. Whenever SOLID VIRTUAL REALITY comes out, I will invest as I’m sure thre are millions if not billions of people ready to jump out of their skin, “leave the world behind them” and try a new reality as their current one is vanilla and filled with “choose your own adventure” decisions that lead to boredom instead of bliss.

I could go on but I won’t, I have some work to do and I’m feeling productive. Going to hit up a local tennis court with an old friend today. I’m finding myself surrounded by random gents who also work for themselves and let me tell you, while people run tirelessly on the treadmill to millions they are missing the big prize. Why bother having NO LIFE and a million in the bank when you can have more than you need but live like a billionaire?  When I played that golf course, I was the ONLY ONE THERE with the staff, it was like they were my staff and it was my course.

When we hit tennis courts, it will be like they are OUR tennis courts, I mean if you had a billion you could build a set of egregious tennis courts and have the place to yourself, right? Having the day off in a busy city is somewhat similar only with 0% of the cost and even less commitment.

Conclusions? Mer Bleue is a screaming “BUY” for golfers and Reality TV should be “shorted” off the stations.

While many stroll casually through life, I urge you to march full of madness to your maker, wherever that may be…

Tips hat,

P.S: Canada is so expensive but everything is perfect, every i is dotted and t is crossed…

P.P.S: Great seeing you again.

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