I’m supposed to be in Anchorage, Alaska and I yearn for whatever is there as I’m stuck in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sure enough I had a long 12 hour trip from Ottawa to Anchorage and got there way too early. Then I was notified that it was delayed and I’d miss all my connections so I arrived in the “Twin Cities” at midnight and am now back at the airport to complete the 25 hour trip to Anchorage…

Have you ever had to miss a flight due to connections? This is a first for me and when you have a car service waiting and the like, it makes things complicated. Also for some reason Minneapolis has countless terminals but no free wifi. Frankly, depriving the public of wifi in an airport is akin to taking insulin away from diabetics aka dangerous and “just not right”.

Suffice to say, everything happens for a reason and this is a good reminder that life isn’t about the destination but the journey. I’ve met some interesting characters along the way, had clever conversations and been exposed to insights I’d of never received otherwise, for that I’m thankful. Not sleeping much and missing out on 20% of my time in Anchorage, Alaska is less than cool but such is life, right?

This is a reminder that life is about the journey and not the destination. That said, I’d MUCH rather be in Anchorage right now!

Tips hat,

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