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Got a call to watch the Muay Thai Fights at MBK in Siam Square area of Bangkok. Luckily I live there and it’s just down the street. Meet up and it was quite the spectacle. Believe it runs every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30 and features lots of international fights. Sadly a Canadian guy from Ottawa got destroyed by this Chinese guy. Kinda reminded me of the China vs N. American economies but we won’t get into that.

muay thai Canada

There is a large lively crowd, intense music, it’s televised, has charismatic ring ladies and is generally a good time if you’re into that type of thing. “Nothing like the smell of tiger balm in the evening”. I will note that no one from Thailand lost. I almost felt at one point it was as though they’d have a great fighter from Thailand and bring some lamb from another country to get slaughtered, if that makes sense.

Personally, never been a fan of watching people beat each other.

Interesting update coming later.

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