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Couldn’t be more thrilled about my new Bangkok apartment in Siam Square area. It has everything I want / need AND MORE. For some reason I was hesitant as hanging out with backpackers for the last year has made me into this weird cheap creature where anything and everything is “over-priced”. Glad I snapped out of it as this place is actually one heck of a deal. Can’t imagine the price tag in the heart of Toronto or Vancouver.

Bangkok Apartment Siam Square Bar

The place is ~15,000B a month + utils. It’s a stones throw from the National Stadium and Siam Square BTS Stop. Therefor also right next to MBK Shopping Mall, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and a ~15 minute walk to Pan Tip Plaza and some other mall that is just further down. This was where I ended up but there are countless great for every budget and every length stay. I like staying in the centre close to the action but others may enjoy somewhere a little more quiet.

The room basically speaks for itself. It’s spacious and in a very nice building. Loving the hardwood, I might add and the fact it gets ESPN and HBO. A cool thing about living in a serviced apartment of sorts that doubles as a hotel is that there is room service. Just checked the menu and its fractionally more expensive than a street vendor and most likely infinitely cleaner. That said I find strange satisfaction sitting on a child’s stool eating soup.

On my way to Pan Tip Plaza with my Linebacker friend I’ve mentioned every time I’m in Bangkok, came across a gym “Rocky’s Gym” to be exact.  So basically everything I need and more is in this small district. Also there is a hostel called Lub.D which is a swanky hostel to say the least charging ~500B a night for dorms and ~1800B a night for single rooms. It’s a 10 minute walk, should one feel inclined to do some socializing with randoms from around the world.

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out Pan Tip Plaza for any and all electronics.  Friend brought his mac to Mac Store, said it was done. This guy at Pan Tip took it apart and within 2 hours it was working again… Also much better deals than MBK which is basically a mix of all things you can buy back home or anywhere in the world, also lot’s of replica clothing. In fact it’s one of the major draws. Siam Paragon and Siam Center are more the places to buy anything you ever wanted, original of course.

The world IS your playground, Bangkok makes a great office for 2-4 months a year.

As always, random photos snapped from the phone throughout the day. I’m trying to try and eat as many dishes as possible, if not I’ll just eat the chicken noodle soup 3x a day for a month. Had the “Mama Seafood Yum” today and it was “yummy”. You have to be a seafood lover though as it tasted very “seafoodesque” if that makes sense to you.

I remember when this whole setup was just a dream…


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