tuk tuk driver Joe from Bangkok


This is my good friend, Tuk Tuk Joe. Joe works in Bangkok and I met him in October 2009 and have seem in almost all subsequent trips to the city when I have activated my cell phone. He’s a good guy and we met him one day in a bargain. We offered him half a bottle of johnny walker red for a ride to MBK, he said “Sure”.

Months later I ran into him again and we both remembered each other. From there I used to hang out at his “tuk tuk” corner and shoot the breeze on the regular and often go on rides to do whatever it was we had to do. When I got bitten by a dog in Bangkok he was the guy who took the issue seriously driving me to the hospital.

Not only did he drive me there but he waited. I did not think he’d wait so when he saw me hailing another tuk tuk, I think he got kinda offended. Whatever we’re still good friends though. If you see this guy get his number, he’s a solid and honest tuk tuk driver.

Other friends have gotten his number and said the same thing.

Tips hat,

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