night sleeper bus in vietnam from saigon


Below the line below is what I wrote for the update, went out for breakfast and holy sh~t, this place is heaven on earth. One of the most beautiful setups I’ve seen in ages. This place is sweet! I’ll let the photos I added do the talking, and to think, I can stay here, in a hotel for ~$10US a night. Split it with someone, that’s $5 a night or $150US a month, sick, yes?

It’s still early so most “party people” aren’t even up yet, I wouldn’t be had I not taken the night bus, I can’t wait to see this beach in full swing and supposedly the nightlife here is excellent.


I will take a moment from running up the wall and doing tweaked out backflips from one bed to the other in my new hotel room in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I caught a night bus yesterday and “VOILA, je suis ici”. We bought a 4 or 5 stop open ticket from Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. It cost us $30US each and each bus is a sleeper bus, pimp. I passed out most of the evening, only waking up at each stop to shovel food in my face.

nha trang beaches in vietnam

I’m traveling with one of the gents from the Mekong Delta and just checked into a nice 3 person hotel room for $12US a night. They wanted $15US but I wasn’t having it. This way I have an “extra bed” for my couch aka electronics.

getting coconuts ready for nha trang beaches in vietnam

We were going to look for other hotels but decided “fogettabout it”. My friend spotted a goddess of a woman and I went to talk to her. She told us where she was staying but said her camera got stolen with some money. I’ll pay an extra few $$$ a night to hope that doesn’t happen.

I digress.

cute dog in nha trang vietnam

The bus ride is ~12 hours and it was good times. Met some people along the way. The plan? REST UP and do nothing all day and hit this town like it stole from us to night. There are many clubs supposedly “Sailor” something is the main “go to”. We’ll have to see.

beaches in nha trang vietnam

The scenery here is out of this world, do I regret this trip? HAHAHAHAAHHAHA NO! Do I want to go home for the summer? ! HAHAHAHAHAH NO!? Seriously, the more I think about my life, Asia, North America, everything… My heart just isn’t in North America anymore, it’s boring and vanilla. I like excitement and chunky monkey, if that makes sense to you. That said, I do have some “things” I need to wrap up back home, so who knows.

beautiful beaches in nha trang vietnam

Met some cool people living in Saigon, may revisit them. Also, I got my teeth cleaned for $5us yesterday at a nice place. It was $10us for a clean + polish. She said my teeth are good so just a polish will do. $5US that’s like the price of a crappy 6″ subway sub back home. Also, I bought the same camera I broke for $200us.

beautiful hotels in nha trang vietnam

Vietnam is truly one of my favorite countries this far. People will ask and I always say “I don’t know, that’s too hard”, not anymore. Vietnam has everything and look how much coast line. This place is beyond beautiful and I think they have a golf course.

After this, we’re going to Hoi An*(sp?), Hue, Hanoi then Halon Bay. After that? Who knows. Of the people I met yesterday, one girl from the US is moving back to Hanoi, exchanged phone numbers, always cool to chill with someone who lives there.

tourists loving beaches in nha trang vietnam

I just got here, I have much to do so this is it, for now.

Tips hat,

P.S: Ice coffee in Vietnam is out of this world and what is with people saying the local people aren’t friendly? You want them to do handsprings and somersaults while rolling out a red carpet for you? Try going to say Ottawa and saying “hello” to random strangers on the street, they will look right through you, trust me.

Update: Went out for breakfast, took these photos. This place is heaven, more to come.

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