Night Train from Madrid to O Porrino, Spain towards Porto Portugal

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beer kegs in Madrid, Spain

Greetings and Good Day,

The sun is shining in Madrid, about time. Truth be told, it’s been COLD HERE. During the day I’ve been walking around with a jacket feeling like a menopausal woman having hot flashes then chills and it’s been most annoying. At night, it’s freezing like you don’t want to go out as you’ll freeze on the way and if you bring your jacket, you gotta worry about it getting lifted by some skid. Apart from that, I’m taking a night train from Madrid to O Porrino, then catching one to Porto, Portugal.

Vans party, Madrid, Spain

Frankly, I think this whole “global warming” is total BS, on the topic of that, what about BP? Looks like they hit a volcano and the “party of death and destruction” is just getting started. I do believe this will be good for the tar sands and all stocks related to it, indeed it shall be. Supposedly Madrid is typically much warmer this time of year, I can’t believe how cold it is, perhaps even “old Ottawa” is warmer!?

street music Madrid, Spain

Anyways, didn’t make it to the pub crawl last night. The “VANS” shop which is down the street was having this massive private party of sorts (I’m assuming) with a line and security at the door. I had a few drinks prior and somehow I strolled in with that Brazilian lady and all my luggage, was handed a drink and enjoyed it for a bit. The party was getting “lit up” with people taking massive jerry cans of “gangstaline” and dumping it on everything and anyone in their path.¬† Afterward headed back to the hotel and just crashed. Yesterday was the 9 month mark of this trip and I can officially say that “pub crawls” and all those sorts of things have become boring. This has been the fastest 9 months of my life, for real.

well used hotel room Madrid, Spain

Pub crawls are filled with people fresh on a trip looking to let loose, I totally understand the mentality and sentiment, I’ve been there. After 9 months though, the honeymoon is definitely over. Now, I prefer to maybe have a pint or so during the day at some tapas joint and one in a common area while blogging but aside from that, not much incentive. That said, if you meet some cool people and one thing turns into another, that’s a different story, yes?

beautiful Madrid, Spain

Side note, looking forward to renting an apartment somewhere in the next few months and doing some work. I’m leaving money on the table with my main online businesses and could be trading better. That said, it’s summer now and as a result, the web typically slows down so getting “down to business” in the fall won’t be such a crime against humanity.

ham and cheese tapas Spain

The night train is booked full in 1st class which is lame considering I paid for it. I could get a sleeper but a seat is 1/5th the price and considering I’ve done countless overnights all throughout Asia, this should be comfortable. I prefer being in 1st class though because you don’t have to “watch your bags” as much. I’m not terribly terrified of some old people jacking my back pack. In coach, more likely. For some reason I feel chances of theft are higher in Europe than in Asia, believe it or not.

subway music Madrid spain

I want to get out and enjoy the rest of the day, I’m behind on some business so I’m taking care of that now. Considering some told me Madrid wasn’t so good, I’m glad I did. I really like it here and should I ever be back in Spain on another trip, will probably stroll through again.

big park Madrid spain

Totally unrelated, should switch the photos up top, before I left I thought they were awesome, now they’re just lame considering I have better ones. Also looking to redo the theme here in the next while. By next while I mean sometime this week or in the next 6 months, who knows, who cares?

drinking on the job Madrid spain

On a side note, life is a crazy game of chance. Life is a crazy game of chance and how you perceive the events that happen in your life dictate what happens later. Take a look at the video below, if you didn’t ALREADY KNOW, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and despite the length of our lives, it’s usually a few seconds or inches that really matter. Some would say all the people are unlucky to be in the situations they are, I’d say they are all incredibly lucky. It’s not what happens in the moment that matters, it’s what the outcome is once all is said and done.

Vincent Van Bob, Madrid spain

Luckily the people at the hostel I stayed at are mad chill and they don’t mind me lurking around their hostel until I leave. I tip my hat to them, if not not sure what I’d be doing. I attached a photo of the “Museum do Jambon”, 1E croissants with ham and cheese. I picked up 4 of them last night, sadly, they are all gone. Also attaching a photo of “Q Thomas”. Cool people and even cheaper drinks. I’ve said it before but everyone here is chill, note the photo of the construction workers drinking brew, indeed. This is “partly” why the cathedral took 110 years to build.

Oldschool Plaque Madrid Spain

Tips hat,

P.S: Just had the first “coke” since quitting caffeine a few days ago, why do I go through the pains of withdrawal just to jump back into the vat of insidious black tar I fought so hard to escape? Ergh!

P.P.S: Here is the video, not sure if you can see it, someone uploaded it to instead of youtube.

P.P.P.S: If you come to Madrid, most of the hostels / action is near the Gran Via or Sol subway exists. Just take the 1 from the ChMartin or whatever train station.

Search Du Jour?!?: “red light district amsterdam girls” – ha, not sure how it goes to mine but that link sends you to this site, whatever I’m not one to judge or turn away random internet strangers.

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