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I write this from a public library in Stavanger, Norway thanks to a gent I met in the train station and we decided to have a beer. Luckily the gent at the bar is also holding my luggage. This update is about a few things, including a night train from Oslo to Stavanger, Norway.

The train costs 100E, if you have a 1st class eurail, it is free. Left Oslo at 10:4opm and got in at 7;18am and the train leaves tonight back to Oslo at 10:40pm. It has been raining all day, not so great. The town itself is very picturesque, would have been nice to have a camera, indeed it would have. The train was basically empty and they give you blankets, ear plugs, eye shades, the whole deal. Beats a hostel or over priced hotel.

Wandered around until I was soaked through to my soul, then passed out for hours on the benches. Lots to see and do around here in Oil city. Fyi, tried the whole check in your luggage where it doesnt belong again, this time they looked at me like I was an idiot, who cares. You will never know unless you go, it got sorted.

Found a cheap place for some beers, cheap by 14E for 2. For some reason I have no clue what to write about as I have been doing nothing. Coming to Norway has been great though, it has made me do a lot of thinking. Buying food is expensive as well. Norway has taught me the value of a dollar, I dare say. Also Scandanavia in general has inspired me to go bank egregious quantities of cash. That or just become a JADIA aka Just another dude in Asia.

It is easy to say ah, life is good. I can live in Asia forever but that is not making it my friends. Making it is having enough income to support a good lifestyle in any country in the world. I will say though that if you do not go out and get loose in strange cities, traveling is not that expensive. Europe compared to Asia is night and day though.

Also it is getting cold up here, a local told me it has been a rough summer with only a few real days of summer. When I hear this I do not miss home so much. End of summer is coming, fall is showing its fierce face and soon everything will wilt before winter. Time to go south.

I am looking at flights to Hong Kong. It is much cheaper from Prague than Amsterdam. I have some business to attend to in the SEZ aka Special Economic Zone. Time to get down to business again. For some reason what has occupied most of my attention this last year is no longer so special. Time to get down to some serious business.

The easiest way into China is through Hong Kong, so why not? Also I am back in with a lady from Vietnam for another business venture. This update has the same vibe as yours truly, tired.

Notrway is great though, the scenery is epic and the people are very friendly. One of first places I have been where I would leave my bag for a moment or so, not sure if it is a goo idea or bad, truth be told, I dont really care about anything in the bag and if going back to China, well self explanatory.

We are done here,

P.S: Tom, called a few times, keep getting answering machine.

P.P.S: Started joking about Fresh Prince with a bartender which would explain the obvious.

Search du jour: deep sea fishing in koh tao – Result, here.

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