Olgas Place, Soccer, Late Night Fun in San Sebastian, Spain

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San Sebastian Spain Soccer


It’s now 1:30, I am leaving tomorrow at 8:45 on a train, somewhere. Today was great as San Sebastian’s local football aka soccer team won a massive match to move to Spain’s premiere league. Let me tell you, this town went off. The stadium holds 32,500 people. It was packed, sold out and the rest of the town was out front on a jumbotron OR in one of the many bars / pubs eating delicious tapas and drinking like it was the “end of the world as we know it…” The team won and I’ve never seen so many incredibly thrilled faces, ok maybe I have but I’m drawing a blank, hmm maybe not!?

San Sebastian Spain Soccer Madness

So I’m leaving and typically I NEVER mention hotels or hostels but this one deserves a mention. “Olga’s Place” which is on all the major booking engines is worth a visit. Everyone I met here was referred from someone who said it was dope. That surfer dude we met on the train was coming here and we followed him, glad we did. Just google it if you’re coming here. Gets my thumbs up. Free wifi, cool people, kitchen, great location, what more do you need?

Delicious Tapas Spain

I’m glad I have that Eurail pass because if I did not, I’d probably just end up living here forever and settle down, I like it that much. That said, I had no clue this place existed and there are COUNTLESS other places for me to visit and inform you, the internet public about. For some reason Prague is coming to mind, not sure why.

San Sebastian Soccer Football

Last night I went for a stroll after blogging, I was about to leave when some ladies came home as they said it was weak, I said who cares lets go see what’s happening, so we rolled back to “old town”. Not much happening so we came back. Upon my return we ran into a guy we’ll call “Big Tex”, he’s 21 but 6″5 farm build styles. Went out again with some other ladies from Houston and checked out some venues.

San Sebastian Soccer Football fans

Upon returning we walked along the beach, I asked a guy for a smoke and he was with some ladies from the US. They were going skinny dipping and they asked if I’d watch their stuff. I said “sure, whatever”.

Woke up today and did what normal people do, chill out and got into the soccer hype. Found one of my favorite bars in the world. The tapas were delicious and the bartender would just randomly fill your drink for no reason except what I can figure as he loves his job and is a nice guy. Note, the guy pouring the drink is not the dude and that is not the bar I was talking about, fyi.

San Sebastian bartender

Afterward we rolled out and went for some paella, supposedly the best in town. The guy was written up in a regional magazine and he made us a massive helping. There were 4 of us and it was 11E each for the meal + all you can drink sangria, deal.

Paella San Sebastian, Spain

I was going to go home for a month maybe in September but now it’s not looking like that will happen. I’d rather perhaps just cruise Europe in 3 months. Then spend 2 months hanging out in my fav places before potentially going to Africa or Central America. Why am I writing this? My plans always change so I’ll just stop here.

Carpe Diem

On a total side note, there were people crammed everywhere and climbing all sorts of stuff for a better view. Drinking everywhere on the streets and no police, no problems. I think part of the problem back home is the whole “litigation scene”. For some reason douche bags who like “playing the victim” and can’t be accountable for their own actions have ruined it for everyone.

Beautiful San Sebastian Spain

Tips hat,

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