One Way Ticket to Nicaragua, Magical Mystery Tour


This is my last update from Ottawa, for a long time. Today I’m flying to Boston mid afternoon and will meet up with the family before leaving with a friend on the 19th with a one-way ticket to Nicaragua. Don’t know much about the destination except we’ll be flying to MGA and going to Granada, immediately upon arrival. Leaving again is bitter sweet, still haven’t packed but you don’t need a lot of time when all you’ll have is 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants, 8 pairs of black socks, 6 pairs of boxers, 4 t-shirts, 1 black long sleeve, swimsuit, flip flops, sneakers, hat, sunglasses and another bag filled with electronics…

Don’t you love it when on those odd occasions the world just makes something happen for you? Naturally, one had not booked a ticket to Boston and decided that last night was the time to investigate. Kayak gave me a low price of $888 which is the price of a villa for a month in C. America, not happening. The 12 hour overnight bus from Ottawa – Boston was $119, something that didn’t exactly slap my face and scream “buy buy buy” with the animation of Jim Cramer, that’s when I checked Aeroplan…

I logged in and found a direct afternoon flight from Ottawa – Boston and leaving in 18 hours for get this, 10,000 points and $106. So you know, if you sign up at any airport, they gave you 15,000 welcome bonus. I did that bonus thing for years and have no regrets, those points got me 1 way to Palm Springs for 17,000 points & 1 way from Sofia, Bulgaria to Ottawa. This is a super cheap flight and as it happens, get an extra afternoon in Ottawa and a full evening with the family in Boston. Incredibly happy about such said purchase as I’ll have enough “long bus rides” in my foreseeable future, one believes. If you’re still working in North America and use a credit card, get one of the reward cards, seriously.

Got my passport, did all my medical precautions(wow, what a slow system) and now I’m ready to go on adventure 2.0. This time however I know what can happen and looking for some desired outcomes. I want to learn Spanish and become fluent, get in the best shape of my life, rent an apartment or villa with some friends for a month or so and put some new ideas to action. So you know, before I ever left I always told my friend and family that I just wanted to go to Panama, build profitable websites and live my life…

Sometimes I second guess my decisions but in the end, this is my dream and I’m living it.

Also, it’s 0 degrees outside, the winter is here to ravish Ottawa and timing couldn’t be better.

Tips hat,

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