Operation Pangani, Tanzania

This is the first iPhone update here at iyashinoshigoto. Hopefully embedding images just take on the phone are easy and possible.

Sick! Attaching photos is seamless. This is the room I have been given at Masai Camp which is basically the main backpacker spot jn Arusha.

I can hear the club blaring music and this bar could be anywhere else here or in Asia.

Waking up in 4.5 hours to drive to Pangani. This is what we here at iyashinoshigoto are all about , enjoying a town until a good opportunity comes and grabbing it.

Supposedly Pangani is called heaven beach world and a taste I’d what Zanzibar was like 40 years ago.

Just said farewell to my old and be friends here. Thanks again for 7 weeks of world class company and hospitality.

I kinda like this room, it is a building with 4 rooms and a communal bathroom. The shower head makes the Marriott look cheap, not that I will get a chance to use it.

There is only solar power where I am going and no hot water, hello unknown and even less developped.

Tips hat,

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