Goodbye Granada & Oriental Market in Managua

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Writing this near 6am from a secret location deep inside a compound in Managua, Nicaragua. All you need to know is that it’s one of those places that the first time I arrived, I thought we had hit a dead-end but I was wrong. It’s like this big half acre deep inside the city with a few houses and most of my Nicaragua crew aka good times. So yeah, yesterday I had a great breakfast in Granada and then jumped on this bus after a gent was screaming “Managua Managua Managua”. Going from Managua to Granada and the reverse isn’t that hard.

The bus was full so they herded me near the back and I sat on top of these bags uncomfortably while this small girl stared at me like I was an alien. At that exact moment, I felt the travel bug reawaken inside me and despite being uncomfortable and being stared at like some circus clown, my mind was racing faster than the trees that passed by. Everything looked interesting and then, as always the bus driver dude tried to molest me; molest means disturb in Spanish, FYI. Anyhoo seems I always get charged extra for bags or whatever, I used to not care but now I don’t just pay without an inquisition.

Not long after I was at Hooka station and getting a cab to the compound. This driver had dice in the mirror and a huge Michael Jordan sticker on the front of his windshield, what more do you need? When we hit the highway I realized he also had an open beer in the car, shame on him! He also tried to sell me all sorts of illicit products to which I told him he has to be crazy and keep his eye on the road. Next thing I know he’s changing sim cards like he works at a phone store and raising the roof to reggae tones when we nearly rear end a military vehicle. I paid him what he needed and got dropped off around the corner. Here’ s a tip, never get a cabby to drop you off at home, I don’t have lots of trust for cabbies…

Turns out my main man for Managua missions was still in town so we grabbed another cab to Oriental Market Managua in the heart of the city. Alright, this is a place that you don’t bring your cards, much cash or your phone. It’s super super busy and my local friends tell me that if you are going to get pick-pocketed in Managua, this is definitely such a place people would have little pity for you. The walkways are so tight that brushing up against others is inevitable. The Oriental is not a market but an urban jungle that sprawls and you can find ANYTHING your heart desires and oh sooooooo cheap.

We walked around like wicked warriors or possessed people with a penchant for making purchases. Since I’m heading up north again, you gotta stock up as everything is literally 80-90% cheaper here than in Canada. Quality cargo shorts will run you $4-8$, a toothbrush, $0.50, 10 pairs of socks for $5, 3 pairs of boxers for $4 and the list goes on and on and on. I ended up fully stocked with everything I needed and more. I’ve decided the clothes I wore on the island are now “island clothes” as they are not suitable for anywhere else unless my desired look was “derelict”.

That said, watch what you buy. Merchants sold my buddy a broken lock and when he tried to return it, no dice.

I’m leaving Saturday morning and plan on doing little but working online while laying in my bed and closing my eyes for a few hours a day while also, laying in my bed. It’ early so who knows, maybe it’s even going to be breakfast in bed?! Might as well throw a detour to the dentist in there for good measure as well, yes?

Tips hat,

P.S: In a few days, I’ll be in Texas for the Shallow Sport Boats Owners Tournament, yeah!!!

P.P.S: Photo is of part of the town square in Granada early in the morning.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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