Thought I was leaving today, did ya? So did I, turns out leaving tomorrow at the wonderfully civilized time of 5am. But first, oh yes, there is always a but and let us put first things first. First, I will meet a coordinator of the program at the lovely Piacasso Restaurant in Arusha at 3pm today.

It’s a rip off, will be frank but man, they make good food. By rip off I mean what you’d pay for a moldy meatloaf at Montanas where you crack your prized front tooth on a shot gun shell fragment inside the menacing meatloaf. This is a true story fyi but my teeth are strong. I will have you know I’d rather roast rat tails on a garbage bin lid with Bin Laden than eat there.

Anyways, asked the lady to bring some photos and if it’s all good, will be leaving Arusha which has been home for the last ~ 6 weeks or so. My friends are just getting back so kinda sucks have to leave tomorrow.  Supposedly Pangani is not very developed and has some world class beaches.

I digress.

Suffice to say it’s time to get a move on, have a terrible case of travel arthritis.

One cool thing is that I’ll be spending at night at one of the backpacker hostels as the gent involved in the NGO owns it. Curious to see what types of peeps come through and what types of characters I may meet, this evening. That said, it should be an early one as 5am comes quick and most importantly, it’s a 6 hour ride to Pangani.

Who are we kidding? Realistically I’ll go to sleep when I see fit and sleep in my clothes so when they knock on the door I can roll out of bed and throw my water bottle into the ceiling fan until it turns into a mini mist like shower where I can clean the crust from the crevices of my eye sockets.

Regardless, suddenly I just got excited about this adventure, indeed.


P.S: Rando photos from my spy camera aka the camera equivalence of a nokia from 1993.

P.P.S: All jokes aside, I’ll miss Arusha, have had a really sick time.

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