Wow, I’ve been slow at updating here, yes? Just to give you an idea I’m busy from 6:30am until roughly 4pm most days and I’m staying at a popular guesthouse where each night I run into interesting characters from around the world where I use all my discipline not to join the adventures. Right now, there is a housewarming party going on and a friend is BBQing ribs; can you see my dilemma? Let’s talk about planting roots aka digging foundations in the Caribbean Sea.


The good news is that I’m making a video blog for each day of the construction and you can see what’s occurring on my Youtube channel . Soon I’ll start sharing them here on this blog but for now, here are some photos. I will say that I’m really happy with the team working on my place and just today, I poured the foundations on my second home. The man watching and making suggestions during the pour was decidedly different than the gent who watched one ~two months ago.

I figured it would be smart to start small so if I failed, I’d fail small and a learning experience regardless. That said, so far it has been great and besides material hold ups and a roof fiasco which resulted from me buying this Spanish Colonial zinc which is hard to find around here; all is well. The issue is I bought too little and a few other things which got rectified but it’s still full steam ahead. That said, I can’t think right now as I can smell the BBQ and hear the party; I must go investigate.


Stay tuned for more and building a house on my favourite island in the world has so far been one of the highlights of my entire adventure starting in 2009. I’m moving from a traveler to an international gent and I am beyond happy about it. Planting roots feels good, especially when you’ve seen a good chunk of the world and settled in one of your favourite spots. This doesn’t mean I’m slowing down, I think of it as say going back to school to better prepare for the future; the world will always wait and be ready when you are anyways.

Tips hat,

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