Post Round Up From #Room753 in Queensland, Australia

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Good day,

First off, above is a Qwiki I made which basically sums up the entire trip. I’s an app you can download on your iPhone; if you like it I suggest you give it a try as it’ simple to use. I’m in Managua, Nicaragua right now which basically concludes my entire trip to Queensland which started in Lima, Peru on the 19th of January.

Where did time go? Luckily, I wrote like someone who loves what they’re doing while there and if you missed any of the action, I’ve aggregated it all here for your reading pleasure. Don’t think this is the end of content from such said trip; I also made a video for basically everything. Over the coming weeks and months I’ll release those while I’m busy on Little Corn Island, connection issues permitting.

To say I had a wonderful time would be an understatement, I had the time of my life. Very happy to have had the opportunity to see and do everything that was jammed into those wonderful two weeks. Just looking through the posts again now bring back fond memories and I can’t guarantee much for the future but I do have a strong feeling that I’ll be back in Australia aka “Down Under” at some point, sooner than later.


These posts are in chronological order:

  1. Introducing: Operation Explore Queensland, Australia #Room753
  2. Made it to Australia and 9 Holes at The Brisbane Golf Club
  3. Hamilton Island, Australia is Heavenly
  4. Helicopter Tour & Scuba Diving in The Great Barrier Reef
  5. Hamilton Island Golf Club & Oyster Pairing at qualia
  6. Flight to Brisbane and Mission to the Sunshine Coast
  7. Round at Pelican Waters Golf Club on the Sunshine Coast
  8. Deep Sea Fishing Off the Sunshine Coast of Australia
  9. Afternoon Beachside Beers on the Sunshine Coast
  10. Australia Day on the Sunshine Coast
  11. Kitesurfing & Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast
  12. Round of Golf at RACV Royal Pines Resort on Gold Coast
  13. Wild Week at Peppers BroadBeach on Gold Coast #Room753

As you can see by the titles alone, quite the experience. Stay tuned for MUCH more.

Big thanks to my new friends at Tourism and Events Queensland for their next-level hospitality.

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

3 thoughts on “Post Round Up From #Room753 in Queensland, Australia

  1. Hello Rob, thanks for writing such a nice article about Queensland, hope you could have stayed longer and visited more spots.

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