I’m sitting here on a Friday night with a million things rushing through my mind but let me slow them down for a second so I can make a few coherent sentences, yes? The other day a friend invited me to come take a tour of the Presidential Suite at here in Legian, Bali where I’ve been residing for the last week. Naturally I said sure and decided to make a video about it.

I’m a big fan of penthouses for numerous reasons; above all else it gives you something to aspire to. Being in such said places attached to private helicopter pads reminds you of what’s possible if you make a plan to add value and see it through. The reality is that $8,000 a night for some is not that much different than $80 for others or yet again, $8 for someone else.

Other than that, they’re just luxurious pads with slick views, what’s not to like?!

In closing, thanks to The Stones Hotel in Legian, Bali for their hospitality; appreciated.

Have a great weekend,

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