Prince Rupert, British Columbia is Good Times…

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Writing this from the in . I’ve been in PR for less than 24 hours and it already feels a familiar spot where you can have a lot of fun. We arrived late last night from the ferry and it was Brendan’s birthday so a good time had to be in order. We rolled casually to as it came highly recommended from “Yo Ma” who we met on the ferry.  Upon arrival a friendly bartender told us they were closed and about to lock, I told them it was my friend’s birthday and we’d love a pint…

Turns out the staff was there and next thing you know we’re rolling to where we watched Triple Bypass perform before finally riding the waves at The Surf Club. Good times, great night and the following morning we met with representatives from the tourism board at for some solid seafood. We saw the sights and went for a hike, would you believe I ran into an old friend whom I haven’t seen in 9 years since university on the street!? True story. If you’re traveling and you have 13% battery left, you bring your phone with you because what might happen could shock you. Naturally my phone was charging aka out of commission aka a mistake.

We rolled back to Breakers Pub after a fantastic . While there I saw maybe I don’t know, close to a dozen eagles!? Have you ever seen an eagle? I’m talking seeing up to 8 eagles in front of you at once. Until this trip, I can’t recall ever seeing one to be honest.  At one point this eagle glided no more than 20 feet to my left before rising to rest on the crest of the roof and living proof that you gotta claw your way outta the chicken coup because the way eagles soar is seriously serene.  Look an eagle in the eye and everything will become immediately evident. Eagles were everywhere as is a happening place for them to to pick up delicious fish guts disposed of by distinguished gentlemen and ladies who in my opinion, have learned how to really live. Cow Bay was also once known as the halibut capital of the world, no joke.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy critters on this planet but the eagle has quickly become a favorite, they are pleasantly precise.

Want to know why it’s called Cow Bay and there are places like !? Supposedly back in the day this industrious gentleman commissioned a barge full of cows and when he arrived he realized how ridiculous an idea it was. As a result this character kicked the cows off the barge and they swam to shore and let’s just say there aren’t any cows here now…

It also has this pocket called Eagle Bluff where there are some nests I believe which explains all the eagles in the area. Seriously if you want to see eagles just go to Breakers at dusk and watch a slick sunset and they’ll  probably show up as I heard they are always there and look what happened tonight, right?! A waitress there has one of the best shots I’ve ever seen of one sitting on a small tree in the corner of their patio, it’s real.

Let’s talk fishing, I’ve heard stories of seals and even odd orca attacking large salmon that fishermen have on the line. I’m from Ontario where if things get “out of hand” a large pike or muskie will come hit, imagine having an orca pull on your line!? As a result, seals are often hated on by many fisherman as they are the most common culprit and have uncanny consistency as though they have nothing better to do…

Suffice to say this is a cool city in a natural playground and the nightlife was good, I like it here.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more  visit the and look up .

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