Quick Trip from San Jose to Pacuare River, Costa Rica

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Hello friends,

I’m exhausted but in heaven and in 45 minutes the main generator gets turned off at this eco-lodge in one of the more remote spots in Costa Rica. I’m at the Pacuare Lodge on the Pacuare River and this place has to be one of the most amazing lodges I’ve ever stayed at. The scenery is stunning and the service surpasses anything I’ve ever seen and as we all know, I’ve seen a bit of this world. Without further delay let’s get into this but for the sake of simplicity and my limited time, today we’ll just ramble and discuss the trip from San Jose to the drop off point at the Pacuare River as I snapped some shots I like and it was a good time.

Woke up early, really early in a zombie like state and I walked outside and was stunned by the photo in my previous post titled “Good Morning Costa Rica“, we hit the buffet and it was delicious. I forgot how fantastic a good old C. American buffet is. I’m loving the humidity and the sounds of Spanish in my ears. I don’t understand much but it is quickly changing as I’m focusing on learning more and your life goes where your energy flows, yes? Suffice to say the meal was grand and the coffee was classic, we rolled to the lobby at 7am and were met by our driver.

We cruised through San Jose at rush hour and the driver said it doesn’t really matter what time of day you hit the area, it’s always busy. The trip to the drop off point in the Pacuare River was about 2.5 hours and a pleasant ride through the mountains.  There isn’t much else to say without cutting into the next update which will discuss the white water rafting and waterfall hike that followed. I’m so tired that it just took me 30 seconds to find the word waterfall  aka the humidity has entered my tired mind and short circuited the place. Hopefully things will return to normal soon as it’s frightening being this slow.

While I’m here though I still want to mention that Costa Rica is a tiny little country with something like 110 volcanoes. It’s so small that the name “Costa Rica” appears larger than the landmass on a map. That said, it contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity so it’s an interesting place. This trip is all about visiting the most remote locations and as ‘far off the beaten path’ as you can which brings us more to the Caribbean side of things. The pacific side is definitely more developed and houses the majority of activities that attract the most visitors, think surfing and such.

I’m here for two days and tomorrow there are optional activities, I’ve opted to do none of them and just relax as this lodge is seriously out of this world, photos to come tomorrow. I’ve done some research online and there isn’t much discussion about the Caribbean side of Costa Rica so thrilled to be visiting here. I talked with some locals about the earthquake that hit not long ago, supposedly earthquakes happen daily here but most are negligible. The one up there was pretty rough but things are improving.

I hope these photos give you an idea of what it’s like.  If we weren’t racing against the clock to get to the Pacuare River to join the whitewater rafting group we would have stopped at more locations as it was quite scenic. Being back in C. America or any part of the developing world feels great as I’m developing my businesses and my lifestyle. In closing the nature here is nuts, if you can let your mind go still it won’t take more than an instant for your eyes to catch movement on the ground or in the sky as this rain forest is just teeming with life, it’s unreal but more on that tomorrow…

Above is the room I was given that overlooks the river. I couldn’t be happier and the rooms have no power, just candles…

Tips hat,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

10 thoughts on “Quick Trip from San Jose to Pacuare River, Costa Rica

    1. It was cool and found myself sleeping earlier listening to jungle music and I mean nature, not some electronica. ;] This was a river room, the superior rooms where these couples who are on a honeymoon are staying will blow your mind. That said, totally thrilled with that room, could live there forever and become “Jungle Rob”. ha

  1. Wow on that first picture. I went to Costa Rica with my fam in high school but the only thing I really remember doing is climbing some bridges in the middle of a jungle somewhere. Ring a bell? Could really use a room without power in a semi-remote jungle right about now…

  2. Sick room! Countryside looks pretty cool, more wide open areas and mountain ranges than I expected. How’s the coffee down there? I’ve heard mixed things about it… some say excellent some say all the best local beans get snapped up by GMCR, SBUX, etc leaving only mediocre quality behind.

    1. It’s a beautiful place and I’ve been loving the coffee but don’t claim to be a critic. Drinking some now actually and quite enjoying it, good sir.

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