So you wanna travel? Awesome. The real question you have to ask yourself is how far you’d like to go, what restrictions you’re willing to deal with and what your desired outcome is? Basically are you willing to quit job to travel or take time off work?! Taking an extended trip with time off work is probably what will work best for most. Both options have their unique pros and cons. You’ll have to make up your mind and it’s a pretty serious choice…

Think hard how that choice could impact your future if say you’re in Saigon and something happens where you could be working as soon as the paper work is good to go, that or wishing to live with someone you met traveling, homesick and completely over the idea of traveling 7 months in, about to start a drop ship business from Guangzhou, or a boat rental business in Bermuda…

Selling everything you own is tough, we’ve all seen hoarders and naturally they are extreme neurotic cases but everyone has a bit of the hoarder in them. Try and clear out everything you don’t use, you’ll probably find a “probable use” for everything you own, even if by others standards it’s just junk. Remember reading somewhere about those who carry too much with them through life become less the explorer and more the mule as their back bows to the weight of what they’ve accumulated in the name of what?

Taking an extended trip makes sense and cents (sic). How do you know that lifestyle is for you? I’ve met people who after 2 weeks in Prague and Budapest were ready to go home, one said after day 10 he was ready for his own bed. When it comes to security, you’ll still have your job and when you return everything will be as it was when you left. Very easy to revert back into whatever it was you had going on before leaving. The flip side is that if you do travel you’ll most certainly meet those people who even on a beach of paradise are talking about how they have to go home again and really regretting it, they’re this far from home and the living is comfortable, cheap and beautiful…

Either way you play it there will be pros and cons. The whole “sell everything you own” and throw a casual grenade over your shoulder as you cross the bridge is amazing in terms of freedom but scores low in terms of security. The other one gives you a bit of both worlds but doesn’t allow you the opportunity to fully grow into the new way of life, even if it’s what you’ve always wanted. The possibility of returning after the trip to pack up and leave again exists but know few – no wait, none who have pulled such a legendary move.

Winter is coming, time to get the wheels of travel rolling.

Tips hat,

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