Rabies Vaccine #5 @ AEK International Hospital in Udon Thani!


First and foremost, this is the 5 month anniversary of this blog. I’ve been gone 5 months. Where does time go!? Did I think I’d be getting a rabies vacine on my ~150th day out? Nah, but that’s part of the fun.

I feel soo good that I could morph through your montior and party with you, right now, wherever you are, even if you’re procrastinating at work. Check this, I just took a 1 hour bus to Udon Thani to AEK International Hospital and got my FINAL RABIES SHOT in the nicest hospital I’ve been in yet. What a trip!!! I love how in Asia, you can get a 1 – 1.5 hour bus ride to a new city for $1.20us. What sucks is the tuk tuk will want tones, I just walk.

I love that hospital, I ALMOST got one yesterday but the emergency room was kinda dirty and I was just like “I’m better than this” and “I can’t do this!” This morning I wanted 1 bananna for 5 baht, the lady gave me 20, so I went around giving tuk tuk drivers and anyone with a smile a bannana, good will at it’s best! When I was in the emergency room yesterday, I thought of my expat friends and what they’d do. Bottom line is if you got the coin, you go to the top place you can. THIS IS YOUR BODY not like buying a dinner.

I get to Udon Thani and walk the ~7KM from bus stop to the hospital. I have total peace of mind, this place was mint, had ladies dressed in traditional asian attire (whatever that means) and everything. They took care of me and I had no worries bout needle sterilization and whatnot, it was just bliss. Seriously this whole “needing shots in strange countries” has been dragging me down, putting salt in my wounds so to speak. The clouds are gone and the sun is shining again.

Now I’m in Udon Thani, found this little internet cafe and am updating.  After this I catch a bus back to Nongkhai. Tonight, I will continue meditating OR I’ll catch a night bus to Bangkok to see some friends who are going to be there and hang with another friend / blogger Gary. I dont’ want to go back to Bangkok but I REALLY do. Once in Bangkok I can go to Cambodia easily, or fly anywhere. I’m kinda “stuck up here”.

The meditating is good but at night I go crazy, I feel like I’m in jail. I’m a really social creature to the point of being “IN YOUR FACE”. I love being alone but when I’m done doing my “me stuff” I want to be able to walk out on a street, grab a fist full of skewers, a beer, a drink, whatever and chat with some people. The only things around late at night are random dogs barking, cats and mosquitos that are stealing my dreams. That and for the first time on my entire trip I’ve been feeling low and kinda homesick, yah I’ll say it it’s true. I don’t like being isolated like that at night, it’s not good for this gent.

Also I know we aren’t in a milaria zone but this bucket of water in the room has mosiqutos and they are harassing me. Flip side is, when will I get another chance to do something like this? Hmmmmm oh decisions.

Either way, I’m now fully vaccinated against rabies and I feel good about it, no more timelines or places I need to be. I am now totally free. Don’t be shocked if my next update is from Bangkok or anywhere but there. I need to go walk another 2K to the bus station and take a 1.5 hour ride.

Peace out,

P.S The gov hospital wanted 350 baht for the shot (cheapest yet) and this hospital wanted 950 baht. I told them “I thought it was 600 baht” as that is the price of the vaccine, then they told me Doctor charge… I politely said “I’m not paying a doctor charge, I am already diganosed with a dog bite, I came in asking for a vaccine and that is what I got”. 1 minute later, boom 605 baht. Also check receipts, they try and put “medical stuff” or something on receipt, tell them you want the product you bought, they say “detailed?” (More $$$) you say “No, just want the item I bought” and they give you an additional print out. Now you know.

Finally, I find it hilarious how many people haggle over pennies but never question dollar sums, I, my friends, am the exact opposite. Only I don’t haggle, I simply inquire as to why something costs what it did and let them know whether or not I’m cool with it.

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