Since the last update, I basically hung out and checked out the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, let me tell you about it.  Spent most of the day just chilling, relaxing. At about 11:30PM, I decided to go for a stroll through China Town for a late dinner. I went to this place, you can buy skewers of beef for $0.6R, delicious and the price is right. On the way back, I saw a bus stop and this sophisticated lady getting off.

I understood approaching a lady getting off a bus, in a strange city, late at night is slightly sketchy but for some reason I went up to her and asked where she was off to. She hesitantly replied that she was going to get a room. I informed her that China Town Hostels were dumps and prone to bed bugs and that across this major intersection about 500M away there is a nice budget hotel that is safe and clean enough. Knowing this must be much to absorb I said something to the effect of, the place is there, I know some guy approaching you getting off the bus is sketchy but hey, we`re out in the open, you can come if you want. I didn`t push, I didn`t pry. I had no agenda other then I was totally bored, this lady intrigued me and I wanted to help her find a hotel. She came with me.

She checked in and wanted to check out China Town. She came down from her room and asked if I still wanted to go to China Town, of course I quipped.

We strolled through China Town and showed her a bit of KL. After that she mentioned she wanted to check out the KL Tower the next day. I told her to kick my door when she wants to go, whatever time in the morning. Gentlemen do not ask a ladies room. If you plan on meeting someone again, tell them your room.

She kicked my door and we went for a stroll to the towers. The towers were quite cool. When you get there, it`s 38R to the top. If you`ve traveled the distance to make it to Kuala Lumpur, what is 38R to go to the top?

The view is great, we got lost on the way and it took us longer than it should of. You get an epic view of the Pretronas Towers and the rest of the city. KL is much larger than I had thought and it turns out our hotel was right near the tower, effectively we took the subway aka the long route.

Once done the towers, there is also a zoo with exotic animals. I will note that many people were thrilled to see “raccoons”. I am used to seeing raccoons, late at night, usually around the garbage. It goes to show “exotic” is relative. Whatever you’re used to is “old hat”, if it’s not where you’re from, its exotic.

Having woke up at 7AM to some Chinese lady yelling at her husband, I wasn’t overly thrilled with this “budget hotel” anymore. As a result, after we hit up China Town after the towers, I asked what time the next bus to Singapore was, the lady replied “in 25 minutes”.

As you know, I hate making plans. If I wanted “plans” I’d be working 9-5 with a fiance or a wife and kids on the way. Obviously that isn’t something I’m into right now and as a result, I’m traveling the world.

I ran upstairs and packed frantically, ran downstairs, bought my ticket and jumped on the bus. No sooner than I jumped on the bus, it was gone, a 6 hour trip through mainly jungle to Singapore.

I will say one thing, why do they make these buses sooooo cold you need a sweater? Ever been on one of the buses in these countries? It’s so cold it’s ridiculous.

Good day,

P.S: I will note that the more people I talk with, the more solo travelers I meet, the more people wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone agrees that if you have the guts to “go at it alone” the most marvelous things happen that would never happen if you were in a group. If you travel alone, you are never alone, unless you want to be.

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