Greetings from Managua,

This will be brief as it’s more of a public service announcement than anything.

I want to give you the number of a great taxi driver who will do the trip for $30US.

The deal is that taking the bus from Managua to Granada or vice versa is cheap but also a hassle. If you hit it during mid-day, no worries as there is little traffic and you can snag an express bus. If you wait later in the day, it’s rush hour and mainly chicken buses which after a while aka years on the road get older than the cathedrals in Granada…

His name is Cesar, he’s 63 and besides being a good driver; he’s super cool to hang out with. He doesn’t speak much English so I hope you know a little Spanish. He’s based in Granada but considering he drops you off in Managua and drives back to Granada, don’t see why he wouldn’t come pick you up at the airport and take you to Granada, yes?

His company is Servicio de Viajes Expresso aka Express Travel Service or something like that. He also does all sorts of long distance trips from Granada to basically anywhere you wanna go on the pacific coast of Nicaragua.

His phone number is: 8871-9506 and since it’s in Nicaragua the area code is (505).

You’re welcome.

Tips hat,

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