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Writing this from an ocean view room at the in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The flight from South Africa was quite pleasant despite a colicky baby residing directly behind me. Once arriving in Washington, decided to try my luck at the JetBlue counter and ended up catching a flight 6 hours before my scheduled one. The rest of the day has been spent relaxing in this fine establishment while enjoying the amenities, hospitality and private beach.

When I was in Fort Lauderdale before my trip to South Africa, began chatting with the and we have decided to collaborate to show you a few of the many interesting things that this area has to offer. Some of the activities include deep sea fishing, scuba diving to an old shipwreck, golfing at the Westin Diplomat Resort and a segway tour of the area. Let me elaborate…

The deep sea fishing that I’ll be doing tomorrow will be on the with a fourth-generation fisherman, Captain David Ide and his crew. We’ll be leaving from the and fishing for Grouper, Tarpon, Mahi, Tuna and more. Very excited about this, take a look at the .

On Saturday I’ll be doing some scuba diving. I’ve never been since getting my PADI certification in Kalkan Turkey so they have been kind enough to give me a refresher course to make sure I’m up to snuff.  Will be diving with at the . The dive site will be a sunken ship located roughly 1 mile off shore.

Finally on Sunday will be playing a round of golf at the , the course looks gorgeous.

It’s not even 6pm yet but can feel my eye lids getting extremely heavy. Time for a quick dinner before crashing in what will hopefully be a solid slumber until the early hours of tomorrow. Intercontinental flights are draining, add a colicky baby behind you and the result is usually serious sleep deprivation.  I’d like to once again thank the for setting up this dream itinerary, can’t wait to share it with you.

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