Restless in Reality

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As the days grow short, ones patience wears thin. The idea of partaking in leisurely outdoor activities is quickly becoming a thing of the past for those not part of the “mock turtleneck and granola” crowd.  The weather could best be described as miserable  delivering grey days with a cold rain that makes you remember in the clearest form ever why you wished to leave this place to begin with. This is just the beginning, it’s like spending the next 6 months of your life in bed with your wife only she won’t talk to you, let alone make you feel welcome…

One is growing restless in reality and makes one ponder the whole premise of it all. What is this “real world” everyone keeps speaking of here!? Considering the weather is whack and most are at work, decided to meet up with a friend named “Ottawa Rob” that guy named Rob who I met in several cities throughout Eastern Europe. He’s also going mentally insane so we decided to meet for a coffee at some local mall…

While sipping on such said coffee and secretly wishing that light crude prices sink to the point gas pumps are just open fountains where families send the children to fill barrels and or drums while the parents sit at home with a father popping tums and a mother funneling rum. Oh yeah, back to reality … sorry…

When is the last time you were at a mall during the day? It’s downright depressing and the number of old people stinking the place up was absurd.  I can say that they were stinking the place up as I was as well. It’s more an expression to describe someone at a night club who is seriously adding NOTHING of value to the party and getting in the way of those who wish to live their lives. Anyways, none of them looked thrilled, nor did the odd random goth I saw who presumably was skipping school to sniff glue.

I digress.

You see, the weather is quickly becoming as a attractive as kidney stones the day of your best friends wedding when you’re the best man… For those with time during the day, there is literally nothing to do besides join trendy fitness clubs, jog outside in thermal spandex or develop neurotic tendencies as you become a prisoner of sorts in your own home. For those working outside the home, you go to work in the dark, enjoy crappy fluorescent light for 8 hours, drive home in the dark and watch shows like the Biggest Loser while eating a bag of chips.

One believes that is all for today.

Tips hat,

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