Road Trip to St. Lawrence Seaway, Ontario


Took a road trip on Monday but then didn’t feel like writing about it so now you have it now. The plan was to catch some monster fish as that part of the country is beautiful and hosts some monster musky. As fate would happen, the boat had issues and we ended up golfing, who would have guessed?

Woke up early, drove like a champion. The drive to Brockville from Ottawa is a pleasant one and easy as h3ll if you take the 416-401 and voila, you’re there . Went to the world’s slowest Tim Horton’s and showed up at friends place who I had not seen in 10 years. It’ slick when they are one of those who have not changed and so are you. 10 years is a long time, some people go all vanilla and odd over that time, it’s true, trust me.

The boat had bad gas or something like most middle aged men and it was windy. So windy that it was decided to drive the boat into the wind and if all else fails, ues a trusty umbrella as a sail home. Have you ever sailed a boat with an umbrella? If not, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED, just kidding.

Suffice to say when taking my gear out of the trunk, couldn’t find my fishing rod, huh!? How did I just drive 1.5 hours into the country with no rod!? haha you moron, it’s already outside and leaning against the wall, go figure. Anyways while looking for the rod I got distracted and started hitting golf balls. Buddy starts, we agree he has a good property to build a few holes, we end up in my car driving to a small golf course.

Place was called Lyndway Hills Golf Club. The ride there was majestic, yes I am aware I sound about 50 but it was just an amazing ride to the golf course, long windy hills that never ended, farmers fields, blargh life, need I say more!? One of those days that was just great, good times, good company not so good score.

Cheap and unique courses are amazing, never know what you’re going to get and we had it “Billionaire Lifestyle” styles which is when you show up to a golf course and NOBODY is there except the staff. I always imagine they work for me 40 hour a week and I show up once or twice a year and play my private course. I’d play there again FYI, fun little course and nice people working there.

I digress, naturally.

The course was good, next day it was raining so decided to leave but not without first visiting a really interesting old gent who is somewhat of a philosopher and rides a unicycle in his spare time, true story, why would I lie? If you’re coming home, take the Smith Falls route, also great. Ontario is seriously beautiful, sometimes you need to travel to appreciate what you have.

It’s Saturday morning, writing this in great haste to get out and do something. Weekdays for someone who is self employed are somewhat boring as well, you have no crew to kick it with. Then as you get older, they have families and wives and stuff, result? Enjoy your friends when you’re younger as you get older, one by one another one bites the dust. Getting older sucks for the kid in you.

In other news, still eating garbagio but putting on the brakes today. Seriously missing the dining options overseas. Here it’s all fast food garbage, random chains that never should have been opened OR higher end. Personally prefer world class anything made with love by an old lady who cares at rock bottom pricing, is that too much to ask!? No, most certainly not!

Not much else is new really besides being SE Asia ill on some Swiss Chalet gone bad. Not the first time at that chain either, let us forget that chain. Everyone talks about getting ill overseas. Getting food poisoning from a $1 street soup bowl beats dropping $60 on two people and then becoming violently ill, yes? LOL, can see someone taking a lady there on a classy first date all to “stop short” to so speak.

Tips hat,

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