Below are some shots from the road trip from Parksville to Ucluelet, British Columbia. Brendan who I’m traveling with won the coin flip and took the passenger ferry from Port Alberni to Ucluelet. Yours truly who lost the coin flip got to fill the tank with gas and make the drive, glad I did.

I’ll never know how nice the ferry was but the drive was pleasant and busy aka scenic but not a good place to learn how to drive, tones of bends, climbs and descents. After not too long found myself in Ucluelet with some time to kill. As a result I took some photos, visited the aquarium and just relaxed.

Afterwards Brendan and I went for a tour of Ucluelet Harbor with . I recorded a lot of footage using the GoPro and plan on turning it into a video at some point after the trip, stay tuned.

I’m aware this is brief but if the daily photos don’t go online now, when would they!?

Personally, the BEST part of this trip is the nature we’re seeing and the people we’re meeting along the way.

Travel like life, is all about the journey and if that doesn’t ring true you should check your volume.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more¬† visit the and look up .

Have a great weekend,

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