Above is a video that I made the moment I got back to Singapore the other day. The video showcases my room at and then goes on to discuss a few other things. This hotel is a 3 star and reasonably priced for Singapore aka it’s good value in a city where the term value is often as common as seeing unicorns fly down the street; it happens just don’t hold your breath.  The Days Hotel is near a mall, several bus routes, includes free buffet breakfast, wifi and offers some slick views of the city. I’m here for a few days then, who knows?


Those other things discussed on the video include losing my passport and a reminder of what to do to ensure you don’t! Also I touch on the idea of living places where you’ll never even need a kitchen again and things of that nature. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, should I ever rent an apartment somewhere a compact to the point room like this is exactly what I need. Also, the place has a safe which I discuss in the video, how come hotels in 2017 don’t all have safes in every room? Also, how can some get away with charging for wifi? It seems criminal, I dare say.

I’ve got lots to do here in Singapore and last night’s Mexican was a really bad idea but the company was solid.

Thank you to Days Hotel for their hospitality, it’s appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my time.

Tips hat,

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