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We’re spicing stuff up around here and I’m not just saying this because I’ve been pouring egregious quantities of such said “spicy” into my soups lately. I’m getting a bit tired of working on carpal tunnel and typing all the time / processing photos and I like making videos. As a result expect a lot more videos; I mean in September this blog turns 4 years old and I wanna shake it up a bit… So yeah, this was filmed right as I got to Bali and I’m here to attend , this is its inaugural show and so far so good…


This is my hotel room at . It’s part of the Marriott’s Autograph Collection and is a 5 star with everything you need including a helicopter pad attached to the penthouse, indeed. On the topic of a Bali helicopter trip, stay tuned in the future as I have a video of that as well. To say I’ve been enjoying my time here in Bali and at this hotel would be an understatement. I just wish I hadn’t shaken hands with a friend in Singapore called “The Programmer” as he was sick and now I am.

Sick in paradise sounds like sick of paradise but it’s not the same, I assure you.

In closing, big thanks to The Stones Hotel Bali & The Fashion Festival for the invite, loving it here.

Tips hat,

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