Chilling & Eating Tapas in San Sebastian

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San Sebastian Spain Pier


It’s 11:15Pm in San Sebastian, Spain. Everyone is partying but I’m here, with you, blogging. You see, I take this “blog game seriously”, well as serious as someone who takes nothing serious can. You can’t write  what will one day be the best travel blog ever without making some sacrifices. Ever think LONG? As a result, I will write this then go on a casual jaunt to see “what’s cracking”, in Old Town, San Sebastian. Actually, I doubt I’ll go anywhere, when you’re traveling, every night “Could be a Saturday Night” so “picking your battles wisely” is very important.

San Sebastian Spain Busy Saturday

It’s cool how this place is so packed and you can do what you want as long as you don’t harm others. This place is one big skatepark and everyone people are skating and surfing or skating with their surfboards. I think North America is prudish. It’s new buildings with no history and you can’t skate anywhere, here it’s buildings that are hundreds of years old and people skate all of them, hassle free… When you give people freedom they are happier, lots of people here look younger than they are, lots of people back home look older than they are.

San Sebastian Spain big church

Last night was great, everyone went out, lots of hilarious stuff happened and met some new friends and got home incredibly late. Today was a wonderful day, woke up early and went on a tour to take photos, eat tapas and just do whatever, it was kinda rainy though which wasn’t the coolest. At lunch I showed a lady to the supermarket with my the surfer friend I met on the train, that turned into one of the funnest afternoons I’ve ever had.

San Sebastian Spain Angel Statue

Ever just wandered around a new city when the sun finally came out and just lived? It was like we were all 10 years old again, heck we even went on one of those carousels riding unicorns haha, eat tapas, laughed, lived. You know, that kinda thing.

San Sebastian Spain tapas

Afterward, went fishing with my Irish friend again. Man, there are so many fish but none of them bite, it’s like people have been fishing these waters for 100’s of years and the fish no better, oh wait they do. Some older guys landed some but none fo the lunkers just these little things which would be good to eat but lousy for a trophy, if you follow. All I caught was my jacket and these older couples took it upon themselves to help me out by going to a Chinese store and getting the guy to cut the hook. It was a weird Europe meets Asia with a random North American in the mix.

San Sebastian Spain carousel

For you, the weekend readers I have attached some photos and would like to tell you that should my “dream” come true which is living in 4-8 countries a year for prime weather, San Sebastian is one of the first places I’d consider a “lock in”. You could just get a place, fish and surf all day, eat amazing food and run into even better people.

San Sebastian Spain cool church

I have some decisions, do I go to Portugal? Back to France for a few beaches in the south West that I missed or just B LINE IT straight to Barcelona for the “SONAR Music Festival” and hang out until I go to Ibiza for the 28th? Or do I just skip it and head north to that festival in Denmark on the 28th. Oh decisions, you the reader, any thoughts?

San Sebastian Spain cool palm tree

I’m perplexed as what to do next but tomorrow…

San Sebastian Spain surfing

Tips hat,

P.S: Wow, I just chose these photos randomly, better ones taken.

San Sebastian Spain big church

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Author: iyashinoshigoto

8 thoughts on “Chilling & Eating Tapas in San Sebastian

  1. Spent six days in San Sebastian in June while visiting the Country. Although it was summer, the weather wasn’t that great either, but we asbolutely liked our stay there:)

    1. The weather wasn’t perfect when I was there either but had an amazing time.

      Could definitely return sometime but it’s a huge world out there.

  2. Hi Rob , long time ….. 🙂 we used to have a house maybe 2 hours drive north in a village called Mimizan Plage , half way between Biaritz and Arcachon , the beach is amazing and you HAVE to sit and have a “Demi Pech ” beer in Le Surf Bar in Le Precinct…….surfer paradise you will love it…..Karibu Saadani Safari Lodge next time you pass through Tanzania,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Graeme & Candy

    1. Long time indeed!! That place sounds like a slice of heaven similar to San Seb! You two should write a book someday and look forward to crossing paths for a few cold ones again somewhere, someday!

      Safe travels!

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