Good day!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing the best fishing of my entire life! We went on a drift boat with a gregarious guide named Greg from and had a sensational time salmon fishing in the not far from Terrace, Brtitish Columbia. What a place, what fishing and what a day, not a cloud in sight!!

The video is of the first fish I hooked which was a chinook and sadly, we lost as it was coming up to the net. Greg believes it was roughly double the size of the one I have above in the photo which is a chum. Let’s forget size for a second, all fish are different like all people are. Some are fighters, some aren’t and most are in the middle. The fish that got away has given me a reason to come back here and fish the waters until I get my beast.

Salmon fishing is amazing, they fight so hard and they are such a spectacular species. If you’re into fishing and want to try your luck at possibly some of the best fishing of your life, come to Terrace and get involved. We stayed at the and the place is first class. It’s the type of place where you’re really surrounded by nature, have a killer view and dinner is at 7. Everyone eats together and you may find yourself at a table with an older oil executive here for two weeks and some fine people filming a television show, seriously.

We’re off on another adventure, this is not only one of the trips highlights but the highlight of my fishing career!

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more visit the and look up .

Thanks again for the awesome day fishing Greg!

Tips hat,

P.S: Full video to come, stay tuned!

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