Just as iyashinoshigoto Labs was busier than ever trying to find an ingenious and zany way to get to Columbia from the Corn Islands without having to return to Managua, something happened. We were close to accomplishing the goal as it *is* possible, just not likely. Suffice to say was dining on lobster tail when suddenly one of those emails that “changes everything” comes into your box. It was delivered like a welcome baby from a stork in the night, yeah like that.

Suffice to say I’ll be participating in the Blogger Trip from Feb 16th-March 1st, 2012 and couldn’t be HAPPIER. The trip is being hosted by the , hence my flight to Fort Lauderdale. As you may know I spent 4 months in Africa in late 2010 / early 2011 and had a beyond life changing experience. One entertained grandiose visions of going from Tanzania all the way to Cape Town as well, supposedly it’s beautiful. Naturally, that never happened and I ended up living in cashew tree forts along the Indian Ocean outside of Pangani.

Despite having an amazing time in Africa, always felt a bit of regret for not making it to South Africa. Having heard and read so many good things about the place, was a little annoyed that I “missed my opportunity”. Well it looks like that all changed, yes? Naturally it’s a very very busy schedule and includes but is not limited to Johannesburg, Singita Kruger National Park for not one, two or three game drives but four!? The odds of seeing the “Big 5” in four game runs is quite high, quite thrilled as I’ve done a camping safari before and loved it. Now I need to think about what type of camera equipment I’ll use, hmmmm.

I digress.

We’re also going to be visiting Cape Town, the famous Robben Island, visiting Durban and MORE. Id’ go into further details but that would ruin the surprise wouldn’t it? As always I’ll be blogging up daily storms about everything from safari to sandwiches and sharing lots through my different social media channels. Was considering taking another month in South Africa after the trip to just hang out / explore but then realized that I was having a “Working Winter” albeit on a beach, hence looking for another temporary iyashinoshigoto World HQ closer to home.

Again, would love to thank the South African Tourism Board for this amazing opportunity. Never dreamed of scenarios like this when I started this blog on the first day of my trip in 2009. As you know there are 975,000,000,000 travel blogs with 52,235,323 new ones being made each minute. This trip has myself and 3 other distinguished members of the blogosphere and just thrilled to be included, YAY. Oddly enough my good friend Ryan from will also be attending, random – yes? Also found out a gent named who seems to love video, I see South Africa getting all vloggy in the near future. My detective team has not identified the last member but is hard on the case, rest assured.

Stay tuned for what will most certainly be an egregious South African Adventure…

Tips hat,

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