Shopping at Albrook Mall in Panama City, Panama


Yesterday was spent electronics shopping at Albrook Mall in Panama City, Panama. By electronics I mean more like a laptop and whatnot and pleased to say the prices were quite reasonable. If you’re not Spanish, your choices will be limited and as a result, ended up with a Samsung Core i3 loaded with 4gb of ram, 500gb hard-drive and Windows 7 for $675us taxes in… Not bad. I had originally bought this Dell which looked superior but after I walked out of the store with a Spanish operating system, realized I had made a most egregiously erroneous purchase and immediately rectified the situation…

If you’re looking for say a laptop in Panama City and opt for Albrook Mall, I suggest you visit MultiMax or PanaPhoto as they clearly had the best deals, lots of shops that had lots on display but the prices simply didn’t compare. Let’s discuss Albrook Mall, yes? This place is massive and each entrance has a different jungle animal as though “I came in by the hungry hungry hippo”. When I say it is huge I mean behemoth and if you are looking for shoes, it’s your jam. They had every New Balance I’d ever want and every type of Nike you can imagine for seriously 25-40% less than in North America, sadly I already have a pair but such is life.

We never made it to a hotel, after searching we found most were musky and didn’t have wifi in the rooms. We ended up staying at the and guess what? I kinda love it here. They have free coffee 24/7, pancakes in the morning, interesting people from around the world, great lounge and their motto is “no rules” so it’s like anarchy but it works in a sublime fashion, it’s arguably the finest form of government, FYI. I seriously like it all from the finest in luxury to the most basic as they each offer pros and cons that must be weighed, yes?

I also ran into a gent named Jeff who is the Captain on a 65 foot sailboat that does tours of San Blas Islands and get this, trips from Panama to Columbia as you can’t drive it due to the Darien Gap. Supposedly crossed it on foot and I think a lady I know from Little Corn Island did it as well but I think I’d stick to sailing. Anyways we exchanged info and perhaps myself and the crew shall collaborate in the future, if not it was still cool meeting them.

I’d stick around but I’m off to meet my friend who sails a ship with a destroyed hip in Coronado. Coronado is like the Hampton’s of Panama where expats hang out in large homes near a golf course or wealthy people from the city come on weekends or holidays. It was my first taste of C. America in say 2007 and I was fixated on it, where I wanted to go when I traveled but my dad said “it’s a big world, just go somewhere else” and glad I did for had I not, I may not have seen what I’ve seen and been where I’ve been, yes?

I could ramble on but that’s it, if you’re in Panama City and need ANYTHING, hit up Albrook Mall and maybe even make a day of it. Also the food courts of which there are at least three have some incredible selection, I had a great time being a mall rat, I dare say… The bus to Coronado is roughly an hour from the Albrook bus station which is attached to the mall, looking forward to seeing old friends…

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5 thoughts on “Shopping at Albrook Mall in Panama City, Panama

  1. Good info! I have to head to Panama City in a few weeks for biz, but plan to go a day in advance because I need to do some shopping. Your post was very timely. Thanks!

    1. Definitely hit it up and give yourself sometime as there are so many stores, it may take a while. Considering I needed to buy somethings, couldn’t be happier.

      Safe travels Fran!

  2. that mall seriously has everything. and what’s even better are the fair prices for electronics and the low tax rate 🙂 oh and i stayed at mama llena too in panama city, pretty nice hostel!

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