Sight Seeing in Athens, Greece

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Decided to do some sight seeing in Athens, Greece today.

Went on the tour with my South African friend and met two American ladies in the lobby. It was a good time, if Athens were a person, I’m sure he/she would appear on numerous magazine covers with no need to photoshop out the blemishes. The place has an ancient beauty to it, you can feel the history and taste some exquisite food. Feta my friends, feta!!!

Started with Hadrian’s Library, you can get a 4 day pass to all the sights for 12E. Afterwards it was onto the Parthenon. Wow, this place was crowded and it’s not even high season for tourists. Then again, it’s something special. Always remember that tourist attractions are usually something cool. If they weren’t, intelligent people from all over th world wouldn’t visit and spend money to come see them. That said, it was crowded and you could imagine what it was like in it’s prime.

There were also two theatres attached. Wonder what type of performances used to occur?

Afterwards made our way to the National Garden, it was a pleasant stroll.

Viewed the changing of the guards, we got there just as it was occurring. I wouldn’t wait around to see it but if you’re in the area at half passed, worth snapping a photo or so, on believes. They may be wearing skirts but you definitely wouldn’t want to see their bad side.

Checked out the Olympic Stadium. Massive place that can hold 60,000 people.

Afterwards it was on to Zeus’ temple & Hadrian’s Gate.

Zeus temple was my favorite of the lot, the pillars are just magnificent and again, can only imagine what it was like. Supposedly they started building it in 485BC or somewhere in that range, talk about “old school”. I will note that the saying “they don’t build it like they used to” really comes to mind when looking at these structures.

Athens was an interesting city, not sure if I’ll be back but glad I came.

Hung out, met some people, eat fabulous food, saw the sights…

Last I checked the real “hype” about Greece is the islands!?

Catching the night ferry at 11:30PM to Santorini where I’ll stay until boredom strikes.

Tips hat,

Note: Top of the hill is the Parthenon, the lower structure is Zeus Temple.

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6 thoughts on “Sight Seeing in Athens, Greece

  1. Wow Rob! First of all, the photos are fabulous! I’ve played around with a few iPhone photo apps, but I haven’t been anyplace as spectacular as Greece with my phone yet.

    And second, I’ve been all over, but Greece tops the list of where I haven’t been and want to go. And yes, you’re right, I should just get out there and go. Maybe you’re travels there will be the inspiration I need to get moving.

    I look forward to more.

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