Skiing Le Massif & Relaxing at Hotel La Ferme

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I am writing this from the Quebec City train station as I just dropped off my rental car which basically concludes this ski adventure. I’m off to Montreal to go have drinks with a friend before returning to Ottawa bright and early. Yesterday was the perfect day of skiing Le Massif de Charlevoix and relaxing at Hotel La Ferme. It consisted of carving up the mountain, eating some good food and of course lounging in their outdoor hot tub attached to the spa until my hands looked like sponges…

The first day I was at Le Massif, it was freezing at about -16 but not so windy and the snow was great. Yesterday it as about -5 or so but really windy and as a result, the snow wasn’t quite as great as the day before. That didn’t stop me from tearing a few runs through and can officially say I’m back in the swing of skiing. Skiing on a weekday is the way to play it, there were very few people there and often times I had the entire run I was on to myself, that means you can really rip them and get a good carve going, fyi.

After the skiing I returned to the hotel where believe it or not, I took a nap. The bed looked so good that I couldn’t resist, I woke up dazed and confused before making my way to the spa. The spa like other parts of the hotel is under construction but they have a very nice outdoor hot tub which is pretty big. Having it to myself was great, only could have been better if I had female company who was really into me but life’s not perfect, yes? I hung out there for a while and it has a cool view as it’s on the side of the resort, you really feel out there and at one with nature.

Afterward it was back to straight up relaxing. I eat in their lobby restaurant / café but I’m showing you a photo from the first dinner I had the night before at Les Labours. I love that restaurant, their open concept is clever and you can watch the chef’s preparing your meal. It’s all organic and locally sourced and you can taste the difference. When you’re eating top shelf products produced by passionate professionals, you savor it. I found myself eating slowly and enjoying each bite while slowly sipping on a glass of wine.

The rooms at the hotel were also quite nice and to be frank, I could have just stayed there a while longer but such is life. I will say that the resorts outside of Quebec City trump all the other resorts I’ve visited in Quebec, hands down. I really liked Le Massif and believe it was a perfect way to ease myself back into skiing. I’m also excited to see what transpires at Le Massif when they get that train up and running. I want to take it one day as I’m sure the ride along the coast of the St. Lawrence is stellar and what other resort has its own private train to take you to the mountain and town?

I’d continue but my train is here and well, it’s time to get this show on the road, again.

Un GROS MERCI a Le Massif de Charlevoix, Hotel La Ferme, Quebec City Tourism & Kim for everything…

Tips hat,

P.S: Click here to read more about skiing at Le Massif.

Author: iyashinoshigoto

2 thoughts on “Skiing Le Massif & Relaxing at Hotel La Ferme

  1. Gooooddd your posts tend to make me hungry! I’m sweating like a pig over in Phuket, looks nice and cool there.

    1. It is nice and cool, actually it’s like 0 right now which is perfect temp.

      Enjoy Phuket and that last photo is making me hungry despite just finishing breakfast.

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