Stomach Infection, Cow Intestines, Raw Pork in Blood Sauce and Frog Skin

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Good day,

Yours truly has been in “Stomach h3ll” with a stomach infection the last few days. It’s so bad that I can’t remember the last one I had like this, oh yes, at the start of my trip. Last time this happened was in Koh Tao and since then, I”ve been ok. Sure the minor “my stomach hurts” or typical “stomach” for these areas. An infection is different, YOU KNOW you have one.

So I’ve been taking these pills, kinda sucks, really sucks. Went out to dinner with that lady last night, it was fun. Had something to eat, checked out a night bazaar, had a long island iced tea. She wanted to hit some clubs, I said sorry it’s not happening. We went for a walk, found this place giving a promotion so got a 1 hour massage for $3, indeed.

Stomach issues started from a trip I took outside of town. Met these local people who were all really nice. They started eating some “different” menu items and I am not one to say no. I do sometimes but rarely. Anyways I decided to “When in Rome it”. The menu was raw pork in a blood soup. I didn’t know it was blood soup and eat way too much of it. It wasn’t even hot, it was cold blood soup.

Also had cow intestines which were, well, cow intestines. They were boiled, served cold with a dipping sauce (gag). They looked like pieces of white flesh covered in HPV. Also had some frog skin, tom yung or however you spell it frog soup and lots of dried chicken skin. Apart from that had some ginger chicken, which was also great. I am *assuming* the stomach infection came from this menu, mainly the raw pork in blood soup.

I had no clue it was blood soup so they were all shocked that I was slurping it down like it was going out of business, even dipping the frog and chicken skin in it, whoops. I recommend you avoid this menu.

Today, been nursing a stomach, met my blogger friends for dinner then met these ladies from France and Chili, showed them the massage place that gave me the “best one of my life” as it is also a school, they are training. Supposedly it’s an old sign, no dice. Saw the lady in the window so I got another.

It’s crazy how if you do something enough, even the funnest of activities becomes, well, boring.

Can’t believe I haven’t been fishing here yet, saw this large catfish eat a carp yesterday, was excited, then saw this dying catfish that was 3x as large. There are some monsters in there.

Anyways, I uploaded a 15 minute “video walk thru of Khao San Road, Bangkok”. Youtube removed it because it’s too long… It was only 15 minutes, curious what the max time is? Oh well, I’ll break it down and upload starting tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or whatever.

Wish I could share that video walk thru. I’ve seen others but this one I do believe is a great video, walk the whole length of Khao San, show you what it has to offer and mingle with the multitude of personalities.

Oh, also got some shirts made hahah. They messed up the main “Flagship” Shabl shirt. Then again maybe our communication wasn’t 100% clear. They did a good job on one of them which I may give away later, today.

Tip of the hat,

P.S: Don’t sleep on that free 1st class eurail pass giveway.

Search Du Jour!?: “is berlin too hipster” – Result, YES.

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