Beautiful Vancouver British Columbia City Skyline

Hello kind people of the interwebz,

This blog is about the journey of a guy who resigned from his executive job, sold his home and liquidated his assets all in order to stop living a boring life. Life was good, dare I say “comfortable” but in the end the only thing that brings happiness is satisfaction.

This blog is for people who dare to be different, who dare to take the bull by the horns so to speak and make some excitement in their lives before they get old and boring. Some people are totally cool living boring lives and they may even find them “fascinating”. If you are living a boring life, (no matter how good you have it) you’ll know you are. You won’t be satisfied in the core of your soul. This blog is about finding satisfaction, excitement and taking the “road less traveled”.

I am writing this from a wonderful view of Vancouver. I resigned a few weeks ago and spent the last week getting everything “in order”. Today was the first day of travel and I’m now happily in one of my favorite cities in the world. I plan on staying here and in Victoria until Mid October before going overseas. Whether it is Africa or Asia, I’m not sure but it will be one of them.

This blog will discuss methods and means for people to get their lives in such a way that they can obtain “freedom”. Freedom is one of the key ingredients to stop having a boring life. This blog will also outline many disgusting debt pits the youth of today must avoid like the plague if freedom, excitement and adventureย  are priorities.

I digress.

It’s almost 4PM and I’m going for a leisurely stroll down Robson to see “what’s happening” and get a drink of something delicious. I will be updating this often with a wide array of topics I find exciting, so stay tuned. Hopefully I can connect with other like minded individuals that realize life is short and it should be an adventure, not a quest to maintain security.

So many people spend their lives being “comfortable” and by this I mean working 9-5 for 40 years in a job that they are not passionate about and following the millions of other cars on the most played out highway of life. Why not try something different?

That said, I say good day to you and urge you to please … STOP HAVING A BORING LIFE!