Greetings aka yo aka what up!?

Been strolling around Stone Town in some well worn custom cargo shorts and a one of a kind iyashinoshigoto shirt. While doing so with the composure of a gentleman in full tuxedo and top hat with a well polished pocket watch and spinning ivory tipped cane like a performer in Cirque du Soleil.

Saw a few things, first the number of women being played by local dudes is astonishing. Similar to ladies getting played in Bali and random dorks getting fleeced all over Asia, you fools!

Saw this one dude yesterday say yo to me, said yo. He said I am fine but no money, odd I thought as he was well dressed. Earlier today with Danish lady saw these two kinda trashy looking girls and said those look like the type. Why am I telling you this!?! Saw that same dude holding hands and being all affectionate with her this afternoon, ha!

Excuse me, vomit.

At the embassy the lady told me countless Canadian girls come in with marriage certificates to get them validated. It’s weird as I am 100% used to guys being played and this place is the same only women. Also, aren’t we in a country with an Aids epedemic!?

A guy who runs a hostel told me countless girls get pregnant and HIV. The Danish girl works with street kids, some born with AIDS and now 14. She said you would never know in a million years which are sick and which aren’t. Guys get a bad rep in Asia and wanted to inform you that women are just as bad.

Sure some good relationships happen, just if you’re in a highly tourist area and a local guy or girl says want a bf or gf, or I love you, use some common sense, yes? Apparently it is not so common.

Saw this Arab guy catch a street cat with an old corn cob, throw it in a box and then jump on back of bicycle, he had a rodent problem and got a free cat.

Explores and found a small shop selling boiled eggs, cold glasses of milk, made myself comfortable and indulged, delicious. I am sick of restaurants and prefer eating at locations that could best be described as holes in the wall. Sick of curry and all the usual menu items, seriously over it.

Will hang out tomorrow and day after go to a beach resort or something. Talked with my head programmer, he is working on a classified project which will hopefully add further oil to lubricate my lifestyle. I have so many ideas, need to get more in motion but hard when on the road and have a paper weight for a laptop

Something funny, went into pharmacy to get cough drops, this German girl was buying an enema kit, when she saw me looking at it she freaked, went red and said it was for a friend. Had to be there I guess.

Stay well, wherever you are.

Tips hat,

Mind blowing.

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