Sunday Stroll With the Dogs

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Today was a relaxing Sunday, went for an extended walk with the dogs exploring more of Arusha. I like Africa, the lack of rules that scare some and even myself at times are also refreshing and liberating.  The old dog is well, old. Next time half a walk is all she can take, wasn’t sure she’d make it home to be frank.

What’s crazy is no matter how bad a road gets, there are always more houses down the road. Whenever you think you’ve left a certain area, out of nowhere another beauty pops up. Most seem to buy their land, then put up a fence, then a small building, then a bigger wall then the place. Obviously there are countless variations.

Black dogs are considered the devil or something of that nature, people are literally terrified of the doberman and do not want him around. Flip side is that everyone loves the maasai dog so it’s quite the combo. It was a great walk despite stepping on a thorn bush so thick that a thorn pierced my shoe and went about half an inch into the sole of my foot, OUCH. It’s rugged out here.

Of late, ran into a bunch of people while waiting for a haircut, of all places and tomorrow will be calling a gent on the board of the golf club. If he can find me a place / apartment in one of the big estates near the course, will be staying here for a few months to work on my game and get some work done.  Fresh food, good weather, a network of friends, amusing golf course and great hours for getting back into markets, it’s got it all.

On the topic of work, started hiring virtual assistants, wow is all I can say, can’t believe it took this long.  You can be walking your dogs while a gent from India signs you up for affiliate programs and a lady from Venezuela works on a site of yours. Spending next few days creating tasks that I need done / never get around to it. This is a whole new world and I see many new projects coming into fruition. Just because you can do something well doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

If the golf does not pan out, met another lady who informed me a friend of hers is building a resort on a beach that supposedly was voted #6 in the world and needs help. Could be interesting, if that is the way of the future will most likely be leaving in next week or so. Hopefully it does work out, watching golf on the television now and I’m itching, big time.

Turns out you can’t get extra pages on your Canadian passport, weak Canada. You need to file a new one, not sure what to do, thank you Tanzania for the 3 month visa though, it’s about half done.

That’s it for now.


P.S: Below is a list of fruits that are good for different disorders. Been hanging with this Rasta guy and saw him today before the walk. Went with him to his lab which is near here, it’s like a big old hanger broken down into several small workshops. Good work they are doing, nice guy. Remember a plastic Rasta is not a Rasta.

P.P.S: A tiny dog just showed up on the property, guard dogs went nuts. Now they don’t seem to mind him, it’s a stray puppy. We’ll see if he’s here tomorrow as I can’t reach my friends. 3 dogs is better than 2, no? Only fear is he could have rabies, I mean, who knows, right?

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