Sunrise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

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The above photo is of sunrise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from my balcony in the . The beach is quiet and calm without a soul in sight. It’s soothing and quite nice considering I’ve been on hold with one of my banks for the last 35 minutes and was just told “thank you, we’ll have to transfer you to another department”.

Most people get to watch sunset, something special about being one of the few to watch a sensational sunrise.

Could go but this day is just getting going, the whole point in rising early is to take advantage of the productivity pocket from 6-9am. Later today I’ll be going deep sea fishing on the , stay tuned for an update this evening.

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P.S: This is the birth of the iyashinoshigoto Sunrise Series. Nice ring to it, yes?

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