The time is still dark outside o’clock and I am up taking stock of what I need for a trip that starts in a few hours. I’m leaving London today for Dominican Republic. I feel like I only went on one date with London but already falling for her, what a city she is! I was laying around on the couch with a headache from the jetlag of flying from Singapore and getting back into coffee and having a little too much when I decided to take a tube into the center of the city, best idea in a long time…

I met up with some new and old friends and explored the city like teenage tourists do. It was invigorating to see somewhere new again and get that whole feeling that comes along with it. We went all over and I have photos for days but there is no time as I’m against the clock now. I do want to note that London is not a cheap date but hey, you get what you pay for sometimes right? London feels like a Singapore or Vancouver to me which is somewhere I love visiting but not a fit as far as somewhere I’d like to live; it’s like throwing your funds into a fire if you’re location independent.

That said, I think it would be brilliant to rent a spot downtown for a month or so in the summer. Not an apartment to myself but just get a room in a big old school house with other creative types who like living carefree and craft beers. The people you see in London are fascinating and just strolling down the street you’ll feel the energy, it’s almost tangible. That said it’s also getting cold out here and in my book bad weather high prices is just a losing proposition.

I could go on but I must go, this sunset shot was taken over the Thames River on the Millennium Bridge.

Tips hat while tripping into the tube…

P.S: Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure of hanging with these last few days and see the rest of you this summer!

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