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Today we’re going to discuss watching sunset at . Rock Bar is part of the wonderful Ayana Resort which you may remember from videos like “Trip to the Aquatonic Seawater Pool at Ayana Resort“. Suffice to say this spot is rather special and offers some incredible views of sunset while in the lap of luxury with great music and surrounded by interesting characters from around the world…


Someone had the vision to build a bar on the rocks to watch the sunset and after much thought and deliberation; it was done… You basically take this lift down the rock face until you’re in an oasis of sorts. Once you arrive it’s time to  kick back and relax while watching the sunset listening to a DJ play some laid back music. The music gets more progressive the later in the night and both CNN & New York Times have listed it as one of top bars in the world at different times; solid place.

I could go on but this video says says it all, yes?

In closing, I would like to thank Rock Bar & for their hospitality ; it was most appreciated.

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