The time is early and in an hour or so I’m off to catch a shuttle to Miami International Airport aka MIA with a flight to Managua, Nicaragua. I’ve had a great time in Miami and can see what all the fuss is about. I’ve barely scratched the surface but will say it makes a great “get out of the snow” spot to hit up in the winter and it has quite a vibrant scene. I’ve been doing lots of sleeping and eating sushi as well as steak…


With jetlag I’ve found myself sleeping all day and being up basically all night. One night I even got my “Miami On” whatever that means but do believe it means having an egregious night out on the town. I hit up Toni’s sushi spot on Washington before heading to Foxhole which was good times. I also hit up Moshi Moshi and I think when you consider value etc; Moshi Moshi wins out and it’s recommended by my friend who lives in the area aka .


Apart from that I also did the here in South Beach and it was out of this world. They literally filled me with high quality food to the point where a wheelbarrow would have been my preferred method of getting home. I’ve made a video and I’ll get to editing that in the near future; may write a blog post about it as well when I get to Managua.


Here a few of the delicious dishes I had the pleasure of devouring: stone crab, shrimps, Kobe and prime certified angus beef, Alaskan king crab and much much more. I can’t remember the last time I had a meal like that and the service was impeccable. This was my first foray into the world of Kobe and I’m a big fan; it’s insanely tender and very fatty aka marbled madness.


Considering Miami is a huge hub for flights and the Sough Beach Hotel Group has free shuttles downtown; I might as well spend a night or so here every time I’m coming and going from C. America. Also, the landing strip on Big Corn Island that is being expanded will be having direct flights here so it just makes sense.

I’d go on but it’s time for me to hustle or miss my flight. Also, massive thanks to the fine people at for the dinner experience last night; wait until you see the video… The photo of sunrise is from an hour or so ago; great vibe here and lots of people out and about at sunrise doing their thing aka jogging / walking along the beach or boardwalk.

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