Swimming in a Sea of Indecision

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Greetings from Istanbul,

Back in Sultanahmet area and not sure where to go, one could say swimming in a sea of indecision. Part of this gent wishes to go back to Kalkan, rent that apartment in the hills and become a hermit, the bus leaves for Varna at 19:30 and arrives at 4:30am, not sure I wish to hang out at a Bulgarian bus station in the “witching hour”. If Varna is in the cards it’s a work through Romania to Odessa, Ukraine then back over to Croatia.

What’s funny about travel is that it’s like manic depression, it’s highs and lows. It’s great times and poor times. It’s long rides you wish you weren’t on to reach destinations you’ll be thrilled that you’ve been. Ultimately when the trip ends, it’s a long period of “what now”. Haven’t reached that point yet, but I’ve been told, oh how I’ve been told!

Another option is Sofia, Bulgaria. If this route was taken, the next stops would be Macedonia, Albania and then work up towards Croatia, supposed to be meeting somewhere there on the 6th of July. What I’ve concluded that in travel like life, whatever decision you make will be the only one you’ll ever know.

Also, you made it for a reason, even if at the time there really was no reason for such said choice. As a result no point in thinking of what other paths could have been, some will be marvelous, other mundane and in the end, it’s all the same.

It’s a smoldering 33 degrees in Istanbul, riding the tram has to be one of the “smelliest affairs” out there.

Not sure of much at this moment except an overnight bus somewhere, will be taken tonight.

Flicks cap,

Author: iyashinoshigoto

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