An Introduction to the Algarve

An Introduction to the Algarve

Hello iyashinoshigoto, I don’t know about where you are, but where I am it’s getting cold, dark and damp. Call it catharsis or whatever but in an effort to combat my pre-winter blues I’ve decided to put together a photo essay and mini introduction of the...

Leaving Lagos and Broken Camera 3

Good day to you good people and you dodgy ones alike, I’m leaving Lagos, now. I tried at 5 am and made it to the bus station before realizing my newly broken camera was left behind, screw the camera I want my 16GB memory card, thank you. Hanging out in Lagos...

Screw Credit Cards & Lounging in Lagos

Hello friends, foes and frienemies alike, Before we begin I just want to say one thing and make it perfectly clear, screw credit card companies. So I gots this issue, yes? Not your issue I’d rather throw my first born child into a big vat of boiling crude then...
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