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I’m writing this from Big Corn Island as I come here during the week or try to as the connection on Little Corn is still slow and as you all know, internet is a pretty big deal to me. Once that gets fixed, I don’t see myself leaving that little paradise for anything until I’m needed elsewhere. I was on FB this morning and my neighbor posted this video and the creator did a really bang up job.

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This video was filmed during this gents long weekend on the island and he really nailed it. I’ve also attached another video that I found while trying to embed it which was clearly filmed a while ago and gives you a better glimpse of what the rest of the island is all about.

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When you’re on a small island doing stuff in the tech world, sometimes you wonder if you’re out of your mind. Then you see videos like this which reminds you that you’ve without a doubt found a very special spot on this planet and one in which there are few better options if “jus chillin” is what you’re after. Below is a dive video from a long time resident and dive instructor at named Brendan aka “Ron Don” to some.

The gent who is selling the snorkeling tours is a friend of mine and he is the mastermind behind some popular Little Corn Island t-shirts; they are selling faster than any snorkel tour ever could and selling faster than fresh coconut bread; hmmm coconut bread…

Top photo is from a talented photographer named  who I had the pleasure of meeting while he was visiting and will hopefully be contributing photo essays here in the not too distant future. .

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