Today I’m writing this from back in Canada and it’s freezing. To say I’m glad I left for good over 5.x years ago would be an understatement but beyond thrilled to be seeing my family again. I’m catching up on sharing videos I’ve published on Youtube over the last weeks but not posted here. Today I’m sharing a video about the .

This was the official opening party to the Travel Blogger Exchange 2014 which was happening in Athens. It was an alright time but definitely lacking compared to the previous TBEX events I’ve attended in Keystone, Toronto and Dublin. I’d go on but I made a video so why bother? I will note that the dentist did a great job and I’d return anytime. That said, it’s ~1/4 the price in Albania…

It was also cool to reconnect with Larissa; some of you may remember that she used to write here. Most of the conferences tend to have the same speakers at most events covering roughly the same topics. As a result, I mainly go to connect with other like-minded individuals and find I get more at the social events than I do the conference itself. Those candid conversations can be a wealth of information and new friendships.

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