I’m writing this from my room at The Stones Hotel in Legian, Bali. I arrived after dark on Friday evening with a friend where we promptly connected with some new ones and painted the town red. By painting I mean we poured buckets of such said paint on everything we saw and everyone we met. Last night was the opening party of The Fashion Festival which is being hosted at this hotel, good times. opening_night_the_fashion_festival taking place at The Stones Hotel is a showcase of style, beauty, creativity, fashion and culture. This is the inaugural event and there are interesting characters from around the world, some of which I had the distinct pleasure of meeting last night. The show was solid and afterward many of us headed to the after-party which went into the early hours of the morning at Blue Sapphire. the_fashion_festival_refreshments2 This is an area that I haven’t covered here on iyashinoshigoto before but I’m quite glad to have attended for countless reasons. In-between shows the guests of the festival flowed like the wine they were drinking into the retail and refreshment areas. I liked how they split up the shows so you could have a fresh beverage on hand or systematically satisfy your sashimi addiction. the_fashion_festival_bali_indo On another note, it’s also wonderful to simply be in Bali again. Yesterday I went for a stroll along the beach and did a small tour of town. The whole area is packed to capacity as it’s peak season which always makes for interesting encounters.  I’m having all these flashbacks of my last time visiting here and can’t help but remark how much everything has changed but also stayed the same. I know of several expats who work online from this island; it has everything you need and the connection speeds seem to have improved since my last visit. the_stones_hotel_poolside The weather here has been next level and what could best be described as simply perfect. I’m wondering why I ever left and can clearly see why this is a world renowned vacation spot. The temperature also carries itself well into the night to ensure the word cold is only associated with your beverages. I’m taking this trip as a bit of a vacation from everything and The Fashion Festival runs until the 31st of August. surfing_bali_indonesia While in Singapore I met up and brainstormed with some gregarious gents who have connections in the manufacturing industry. Perhaps the concept for those iyashinoshigoto shorts which started in 2010 may finally start to materialize sooner rather than later?! There is definitely no shortage of inspiration here and on that note; I’m off to go find some more, starting with breakfast.

In closing, I’d like to thank for their hospitality, it’s appreciated.

Tips hat,

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